‘yummy’ Kylie Jenner Spills Out Of Tiny Sports Bra And Shows Off Her Thin Waist In Skintight Spandex Shorts For New Photos

KYLIE Jenner has dropped more snaps of her nearly popping out of her top in a recent social media post.

The activewear that Kylie sported in the snaps she recently published on Instagram highlighted her busty bosom and trimmed waistline.

Kylie, 25, was pictured on a basketball court, drinking a bottle of sparkling water from the brand Glow.

She wore a gray sports bra and short biker shorts of the same hue.

In the first picture on her carousel post, she held the drink to her lips, appearing to take a sip.

The reality personality’s sculpted abs popped out in the pic, and so did her boobs.

Kylie’s carved clavicle and chiseled jawline are a residual of her being in such tip-top shape, which was evident in each image.

The other photo in the mom-of-two’s post was a close-up shot of her toned tummy and cleavage.

While some fans championed the way that Kylie promoted the brand Glow, others took a jab at it.

One fan shadily wrote in her comment section: “Are you reviewing the product or your slim body?”

Kylie never lets occasional catty commentary stop her from wearing tops that may induce spillage.

KYLIE’S CLEAVAGELast week, Kylie stunned fans with a sexy video of herself in bed while rocking a tiny neon green short one-piece.

In the TikTok clip, the makeup mogul was shown singing along to a song about love amid reports that she’s dating Timothee Chalamet, 27.

Kylie, 25, took to TikTok to share a sultry video with fans set to the song Heaven When I Held You Again by Stephen Sanchez.

In the video, the Hulu star appeared to be wearing a bright green short one-piece ensemble.

She had on a full face of makeup, while her hair was in a casual up-do.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder was seen sitting on a bed or other comfortable spot while lipsyncing to the song, moving her head and arms occasionally as if she were really singing.

Throughout the clip, she moved the camera closer to her face and then far enough away that fans could get a glimpse at her entire body.

She appeared to be nearly spilling out of the outfit as she showcased her curves.

Kylie showed serious cleavage in the video, which was shot from above.

Her famous butt was also on full display at times, especially as she lifted the camera to capture her entire toned figure.

GOING FURTHERPushing the dial further on the risqué scale, Kylie posted a flirty selfie to her Instagram Stories in early April that drew attention because of one element.

In the photo, Kylie wore a stunning gold halterneck bikini that she’d posed in for a social media photoshoot earlier that day.

She put her cleavage center stage in the photo, with the bikini top string stretched out to show more flesh.

Kylie added a pair of bold Chanel folding sunglasses to her look, which reflected the blue skies outside as she pouted at the camera.

However, the appearance of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum’s lips sparked concern among her followers.

One of her fans reposted the image to Reddit, where many commented on her massive pout.

“Why would she willingly post this? It’s scary,” said one person.

Another wrote: “Oh my god, this is just sad. She’s been celebrated for plastic surgery since age 15 or 16; who could’ve guessed that’s actually a horrible, negative thing.”

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