The Most Daring Scene Of Scarlett Johansson’s Acting Career In The Movie Blinding Lights

Showgirls, released in 1995, is undoubtedly one of the most notorious erotic dramas of the 90s. Directed by none other than Paul Verhoeven, who had previously helmed the iconic thriller Basic Instinct, the film was set in Las Vegas and chronicled the journey of Nomi Malone, a determined young woman who wants to make a name for herself as a dancer while trying to outrun her troubled past.Played by the talented Elizabeth Berkley, Nomi is a fierce and ambitious woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. She lands a job as a dancer at the Stardust Casino and soon becomes embroiled in a world of s.e.x, d.r.u.g.s, and fame.

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