Showcases Transparent Outfit and Almost Reveals Bare Lingerie in a Heartwarming Mother-Daughter Encounter with Stormi

The reality TV sensation, Kylie Jenner, recently shared some adorable snapshots of herself and her little girl. The pictures were taken during a night out at a Jean Paul Gaultier event, and Kylie was quick to post them on social media for all her fans to see.

Kylie Jenner flaunted her figure in a sheer, skintight dress at an exclusive Jean Paul Gaultier event

Kylie Jenner effortlessly showcased her stunning physique at a private gathering for Jean Paul Gaultier while donning a form-fitting, see-through ensemble. Her fashion statement was captured on Instagram.

The star also took five-year-old Stormi to the launch party, which seemed to go on long into the evening

Kylie Jenner attended a launch party with her five-year-old daughter, Stormi, and shared photos on Instagram. In one photo, she posed alone with her arms raised, wearing a completely sheer floral dress that accentuated her small waist and ample curves. Her hair was pulled back, with a few shiny strands framing her face, and she wore dewy makeup, pink eyeshadow, and bold glossy lip. Other photos showed Kylie and Stormi together, enjoying the event. In one shot, Kylie held Stormi as they appeared to spin around in the low light, and in another, they embraced in front of a Jean Paul Gaultier-branded wall.

Some fans criticized Stormi's look, claiming that she was too young for the 'inappropriate' outfit

The pictures show young Stormi dressed up in a colorful outfit by Jean Paul Gaultier, which she wore to the designer’s launch. While some fans praised the mother-daughter duo’s matching fashion sense, others criticized Stormi’s outfit as being too mature for her age. One person commented that the dress didn’t sit right with them, while another deemed it inappropriate. However, some fans appreciated the cute coordination between the two and complimented Stormi’s sneakers. Kylie also faced criticism when she brought Stormi along to show off her outfit before attending the Met Gala. Some online critics questioned whether Stormi should be out at such events and suggested that kids shouldn’t be treated as accessories. Despite this, many observers found Stormi to be adorable and Kylie’s outfit to be boring.

Kylie was also blasted for using Stormi as an 'accessory' when she brought her daughter with her to show off her Met Gala look

Criticism was directed towards Kylie for treating her daughter, Stormi, as a mere accessory during the Met Gala showcase.

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