Kylie Jenner Stuns Fans With Her Sizzling Brown Bikini Look While Promoting New Skincare Range

Kylie Jenner is an expert at generating buzz for her line of skincare products.

On Tuesday, the 23-year-old entrepreneur of a make-up business showed off her stunning physique in a bikini photo shared on her Kylie Skin page.

Kylie wore a cute brown bikini that consisted of a small top with a tie-up design around the waist and a matching thong bottom. To emphasize her natural beauty, she opted for a makeup-free look and tied her brunette hair in a white hair drying towel, which is her company’s latest release.

Kylie Jenner has wowed her fans with a stunning bikini picture posted on her Kylie Skin account. She flaunted her fabulous figure and left little to the imagination. The makeup mogul also shared some pictures of her final look on Saturday, in which she rocked a cream colored corset top and matching pants that perfectly hugged her curves. She completed her look with an exaggerated braid in her newly red hair, which came past her waist. In front of her expensive fleet of cars, she bid farewell to the show that gave her fame.

After wrapping up the final day of filming for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner was seen in a matching corset and pants made of soft material resembling her sister Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS line. She added a cream trench coat to her outfit and completed the look with Bottega Veneta square toe heels, a boxy handbag, and pear-shaped diamond earrings. In front of one of the cars parked in her Holmby Hills driveway, she posed before heading off to Kim’s house to continue filming. Later on, she was spotted enjoying some sweet treats, perhaps celebrating the end of an era.

Dressed to the nines, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics pulled out all the stops on the last day of shooting. She arrived in full glam, sporting an exaggerated braid that cascaded down past her waist. It was a true family affair as they all shared glimpses of their luxurious table setting on social media. The centerpiece featured an array of colorful flowers and cookies bearing their likenesses. The final scene was set in Kim’s backyard, where the family gathered for an al-fresco dinner to bid farewell to their beloved show after 15 years of filming. To celebrate, they indulged in beignets from a food truck and plenty of alcohol. As they raised their glasses of champagne in a toast with the production crew, they closed the curtain on their 20th season.

Jenner flaunted her collection of vehicles, posing in front of her personalized Mercedes G-Wagon and a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom before making a grand entrance at Kim’s place for the ultimate scene.

While on the road, Kylie experimented with filters and recorded herself sporting fake horns. She also shared a glimpse of her look-a-like cookie with wispy updo and red locks, announcing that it was the last day of filming on her social media account accompanied by a white heart and eye-welling emoji. Although Kylie has been less enthusiastic about filming compared to her sisters in recent years, it was an emotional day for everyone, including Kourtney. Although filming may feel like a chore at times, there’s no denying that it served as a launching point for the family’s massive recognition and wealth.

Realistic: She shared a picture of her cookie that resembled her and placed it next to Khloe’s cookie, which had already been eaten.

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