Kylie Jenner Shows Off Sexy New Snaps From Latest Photoshoot

Reality star is known for posting highly provocative pictures on Instagram

KYLIE Jenner looked positively stunning in new photos posted to her Instagram page this week.

The young reality star shared a few sexy snaps with her 24.6 million followers of her taking part in a sizzling photoshoot.

Kylie Jenner Almost Flashes Her Boobs in Sexy Summer PhotoshootKim Kardashian’s youngest sister posted the caption “secret projects” alongside a snap of her lounging by the pool.

In the photo, Kylie wore a tiny pair of knitted hot pants, showing off her impressively toned legs.

Kylie Jenner shares more sexy photos of herself - Jozi GistShe also wore a top which barely covered her modesty as the bottom half of her chest was on show.

In another photo taken from the shoot, Kylie can be seen walking up a dirt track hill in the same outfit and a pair of gold stilettos, dragging a fur coat behind her.

The KUWTK star’s photos have become increasingly risqué over the past year and Kylie has often received criticism for her provocative behaviour.

And there seem to be no signs of her slowing down any time soon as she continues to steal the spotlight from some of her older siblings.

Kendall Jenner’s little sister also recently hit headlines for her blossoming romance with rapper Tyga, which also sparked criticism because of the pair’s age gap.

But, despite the backlash, the couple appear to be getting closer and closer, and were even spotted enjoying the latest Grand Prix in Monaco together.

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