Kylie Jenner Flaunts Her Battle Wound: Poses in Alluring Slip Dress on a Comfortable Bed

Kylie Jenner rocked a stunning bodycon dress in a recent Instagram post that showcased her childhood scar. The 24-year-old celebrity posed on an untidy bed, flaunting her curves and the scar she obtained as a young girl while playing hide-and-seek with her sister Kendall. Jenner looked nothing short of glamorous in a grey slip dress that accentuated her figure and oozed seductive vibes.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner shared a photo on her social media where she was seen wearing a gown and holding onto it as one of the straps fell down her shoulder. In the image, Kylie looked away from the camera. She captioned the post saying, “Nothing like a girl with a leo sun.” The picture has received over six million likes and allowed fans to get a glimpse of her enormous mansion that she shares with Travis Scott and their two kids, Stormi and their little boy whose name they haven’t disclosed yet, but it’s not Wolfie. The room in the photograph seems simple, except for a large neon sign with an undefined text inside a heart.

Kylie Jenner looks incredible as she posed on an un-made bed

Beneath the signage, there seems to be a contemporary fireplace emanating warmth throughout the room. According to an interview with GQ, Kylie disclosed that she obtained her scar while playing hide and seek. When she was around five years old, she and her sister Kendall were participating in the game. Kylie hid inside a tall, enclosed gate, and when her sister couldn’t find her, she had to climb up on a sharp pole protruding from the gate. She slipped, and the pole pierced her leg. She attempted to pull away to remove the pole, but it tore through her entire leg. Recently, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner family member faced criticism for supposedly staging a trip to the discount store Target to prove that she leads a “normal” life following criticisms of her private jet activities.

A neon sign and fireplace could be seen behind Kylie in the Instagram pH๏τos

The famous makeup icon recently shared a TikTok clip where she was seen having fun with her little girl Stormi and nieces Chicago and True. They rode in a shopping trolley around a discount store while the star asked, “Where are we heading, girls?” Her cousins promptly responded, “Target!” When they reached the homeware section, the celebrity suggested, “Why don’t you ladies check out some bowls?”


“Absolutely not!” they all chime in unison. Kylie adds with a playful tone, “What?!” in the video. While some followers found the video endearing and adorable, garnering over two million likes, a few speculated that it was simply a publicity move.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Recently, Kylie faced criticism for being labeled a “climate criminal” due to her decision of taking a 12-minute flight on her private jet instead of driving for 45 minutes. She opted for her luxurious ‘Kylie Air’ jet twice on July 13 and again on July 15.

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