Kim Kardashian flaunts toned physique during challenging hike in revealing bra top and shorts

After being confronted with unflattering photos of herself in a swimsuit back in April, she made a promise to herself to ‘get it together’.

Getting it together: Kim Kardashian showed off her slim figure as she hiked in Los Angeles this week

Kim Kardashian seems to have been keeping herself busy as the reality TV star flaunted her toned body during one of her rigorous workout sessions on Friday. The 36-year-old celebrity was spotted by donning a revealing sports bra and cycling shorts while hiking with her friend Carla DiBello and personal trainer Don-A-Matrix in Los Angeles.

Grueling: The 36-year-old TV star jogged up hill alongside her trainer Don-A-Matrix

As they hit the trails of Fryman Canyon near Kim’s Bel Air residence, the trio jogged uphill while maintaining a concentrated demeanor. Kim seemed in great shape and opted for boxer braids while wearing sneakers from her spouse Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost collection.

Keeping them in check: Kim's tiny sports bra miraculously appeared to be quite supportive of her assets as she picked up speed

As the celebrity accelerated, her minuscule sports bra appeared to provide ample support for her bust. The group only paused their journey momentarily when a dog walker strolled by, seizing the opportunity to appreciate the adorable canines.

Feeling the heat: Kim wore the skimpy top with slimming cycling shorts for her training session

Kim, the mother of two young children, North and Saint, is clearly committed to her recent fitness routine. In a recent interview, she admitted to feeling the need to improve her physical condition after being surprised by some unflattering pictures taken during a vacation. Despite her initial suspicion that they had been altered, she decided to take action and get in shape.

Working hard: The mother-of-two vowed to get into better shape after seeing unedited pictures of herself in Mexico in April

During an appearance on The View, Kardashian admitted to seeing unflattering photos of herself from her Mexico trip being edited and shared online. She acknowledged that she was not in the best shape at the time, having gone 12 weeks without working out and undergoing two surgeries on her uterus, which had been documented on her show.

Picking up speed: Kim showed impressive form as she ran along the winding trails of Fryman Canyon

I wasn’t feeling like my usual self, especially after seeing pictures of myself where people had edited them to make me look worse. That’s when I realized that I needed to take control and get back in shape. I decided to start working out with a bodybuilder girl, who I met through social media. It’s been three weeks already, and I’ve also changed my diet plan to support my fitness goals.

Picking up speed: Kim showed impressive form as she ran along the winding trails of Fryman Canyon

In my opinion, putting in the effort is key. I wake up early every day at around 5:30 to 6 am to exercise before my children are awake. I’ve been exercising for an hour and a half each day. Additionally, I have completely changed my eating habits, which has also contributed significantly to my transformation.

Motivated: Kim, who wore her hair in boxer braids, looked super focused

At one point, I decided to consume fewer calories by simply avoiding certain foods. However, I soon realized that cutting out carbs entirely was a significant challenge for me.

Ready for action: The E! star appeared to limber up before her workout

Kim has found a new fitness expert who has taught her the importance of eating nutritious food. According to Kim, she has learned to include healthy sources of carbohydrates and vegetables in her meals with the help of her guru. She confessed that she was not consuming the right foods before, but now she is on a healthier diet plan.

Fellow hiker: The friendly star stopped to chat with a dog walker during the jaunt

After only a short period of time, I can already notice my body becoming more toned and firm. It’s like everything is falling into place, and I’m feeling pretty thrilled about it. The workouts have been really intense, but I’ve been enjoying them because working out is a great way for me to de-stress.

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