Dua Lipa’s Fiery New Look and Surprise Performance of Upcoming Single at London Café

The 28-year-old artist is preparing to drop her much-awaited song, Houdini, on November 9 at 11pm GMT. However, a fortunate individual had the opportunity to listen to the track before its release date. Dua Lipa and Greg James surprised the person outside the BBC studios during his BBC Radio 1 show. To go incognito, the Levitating singer and the radio host sat outside a coffee shop and held newspapers with eye holes to mask their faces while they searched for the lucky listener. The duo’s amusing antics were captured on video.

Dua Lipa gave her fans a surprise treat on Tuesday when she unexpectedly showcased her new single to a random person in London. What luck for that lucky passerby!

Exciting news for music fans as the 28-year-old vocalist is gearing up to drop her eagerly-awaited single called Houdini on November 9 at 11:00 pm GMT. Get ready to groove to some fresh tunes!

Surprise, surprise! A fortunate individual had the privilege of listening to Dua Lipa’s latest song before anyone else. Dua, accompanied by Greg James, unexpectedly caught the attention of a passerby outside the BBC studios for his BBC Radio 1 show. The “Levitating” singer appeared stylish as ever in her blue collared shirt, black jeans, and black leather trench coat, polished off with a pair of black high-heeled boots, gold cross pendant necklace, matching hoop earrings, and red-dyed hair. Once they had chosen their lucky listener, they were immediately surrounded by BBC staff wearing hi-vis vests, who waved colorful flags and hung a sparkling disco ball from a stepstool. One of them held up a sign that read: “Congratulations, you are the first person to hear Dua Lipa’s brand new song.” Dua and Greg, both giggling, allowed the fortunate man to listen to the song through headphones. Passersby couldn’t resist capturing the spectacle with their cameras and sharing it on social media.

Unnoticed: The singer behind the hit song “Levitating” and a 37-year-old radio host attempted to go incognito by sitting outside a coffee shop among other people.

Observing intently: In a comical move, the pair used newspapers with holes cut out to cover their faces while scanning the street for the fortunate person.

Dua appeared effortlessly chic in her ensemble consisting of a blue button-down shirt paired with black denim jeans, all topped off with a sleek black leather trench coat.

From top to bottom: She increased her stature with black high heels and accessorized with a gold cross pendant necklace and matching hoop earrings.

The focus was on Dua Lipa as she flaunted her newly-dyed red hair while hiding behind black sunglasses. Fans expressed their envy of the lucky individual who got to meet her and hear her new song. Some praised the singer on her marketing, while others complained about their jealousy. One person was surprised to see Dua Lipa when they stepped out for a coffee from their office. The singer’s strategy of releasing her song first before leakers could leak it was appreciated by some fans. One fan complimented her stunning appearance while another admired the whole setup. Dua Lipa’s new song is her first solo music since her 2020 Future Nostalgia album. She has collaborated on songs, including her hit feature in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. According to reports, the pop star is working on her third album, which is said to be really personal.

Getting into action! They quickly identified an unsuspecting person passing by and immediately sprang up to approach him – it was a man accompanied by Greg.

Funny: The moment the threesome stepped out, they found themselves encircled by BBC personnel sporting high-visibility vests and waving vibrant banners.

Everything was well-prepared: A team member hung a shiny disco ball from a ladder and some others held a placard that said, ‘Congratulations! You’re the privileged person to listen to Dua Lipa’s latest track’.

Dua and Greg were having a great time as they watched the lucky guy listen to the song with headphones, causing them both to burst into laughter.

Dua Lipa is making a comeback with her new solo song, which serves as her first solo music since the 2020 release of her album, Future Nostalgia. During breaks from her world tour, she has spent countless hours in the recording studio working on new music. Her record label is taking extra precautions to ensure that recordings for her highly-anticipated third album are secure after a previous collaboration was leaked. Dua has been actively involved in the creative process of each song and is focused on keeping the album upbeat and fun while also being more revealing in her lyrics. The album will feature collaborations with talented artists who have expressed interest in working with her. Dua shared that the album has a lyrical theme and is more mature than her previous work. Future Nostalgia won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2021, and its lead single “Don’t Start Now” received critical acclaim and multiple Grammy nominations.

Jealousy was evident among fans who expressed their envy towards the fortunate person who had the opportunity to meet Dua and listen to her song. At the same time, some admirers commended the singer for her exceptional marketing skills.

According to reports, the pop sensation is currently in the process of finalizing her highly personal third studio album. She has spent countless hours in the recording studio while on tour around the globe to ensure that it is perfect.

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