Dua Lipa Rocks a Pink Bikini and Hangs Out with a Pal in Miami Beach

Preparing for the start of her global tour this coming Wednesday, Dua Lipa took advantage of her free time over the weekend and enjoyed a relaxing getaway on Miami Beach in Florida.

On a pleasant Sunday, the talented 26-year-old songstress impressed everyone with her appearance in a dazzling hot pink bikini while meeting up with a guy friend. Later on, she savored the warmth of the sun while reading a book and relaxing.

Dua showed off her well-defined body in a revealing bandeau bikini top and high-waisted briefs.

Dua Lipa, a three-time Grammy winner, opted for a natural look during her outing, leaving her raven hair loose and tousled to accentuate her features. She added a touch of glam with gold chandelier earrings. During her leisure time, she read Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns, which follows the life of Mariam, a teenage girl forced into marriage after a family tragedy. However, Dua’s relaxation days are coming to an end as she embarks on her world tour, starting in Miami on February 9 and continuing until early July. Dua recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she discussed her upcoming tour and creative choices, revealing that it would be called the Future Nostalgia tour and “massively different” from their initial plans two years ago. She also shared a humorous anecdote about receiving a call from Elton John while she was poolside wearing a bikini and a cowboy hat about potential collaboration. She expressed her excitement but waited to listen to the song Cold Heart before committing, realizing it had elements from Rocket Man. Stephen asked Dua how it felt to achieve explosive success with her album Future Nostalgia during the pandemic without being able to engage with her fans. She replied that she worked on the album for a long time, finding her confidence and identity as an artist and songwriter, and decided to release it during the pandemic despite uncertainty. Dua believes that until the music is released, it belongs to her but no longer does once it’s out, hoping the songs find homes with other people. She expressed her gratitude for the fans’ overwhelming response, which was beyond her expectations.

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