Dua Lipa releases the latest preview of ‘Houdini’: This is what her new song sounds like

Dua Lipa is preparing a grand premiere for his new musical stage. As we already told you in WECB, Houdini is the name of the new song by the British performer and there are only 3 days left until we can fully enjoy it. Because through her social networks, the artist is already allowing us listen to small fragments of his new musical commitment.

A few days ago we could sense part of the sound and lyrics that the English singer had composed for her first single. And with 3 days left, the London singer has presented a longer fragment in which we can listen to her new song for almost 20 seconds.

In it we can hear Dua Lipa sing: “Do you think about it night and day? Maybe you could be the one to make me stay (—Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay- Oh)“. A song with a very danceable rhythm that we had felt until now where mystery and psychedelia seemed to guide our expectations

The new musical stage of the British singer’s career has already begun and comes with plenty of surprises, such as the three pre-release parties she has organized on 3 continents: London, Los Angeles and Tokyo: “I’m hosting three surprise launch events for Houdini in London, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The first one will be in my hometown, London, this Thursday!!! ??? I’m inviting some of my fans from the Kingdom United and all over Europe, so stay tuned ?” he published on his networks.

There’s less and less time left until Dua Lipa’s third studio album is released, in which it seems that she will maintain her commitment to disco and electronic sound even though she announced that she was trying new things. A new era for which the British soloist has released a new image highlighting a powerful look with red hair and some notes of disco and electronic music from Italy in the 70s and 80s. In the images we saw sequences that seemed to have been filmed like in Super 8 style or eighties style that matches perfectly with the disco base on which we hear the artist sing “Catch me or I Go.”

If we take into account that the sound of a lock opening was also heard in the background, everything indicates that this new Dua Lipa song could become a real liberation for her, musically speaking. It must be remembered that in recent months she has been leaving clues that her music will delve into psychedelic overtones accompanied, it seems, by a very retro sound.

“The album is different, it’s still pop but it has a different sound and there’s more of a lyrical theme. If I told you the title, it would all make sense, but I think we’ll have to wait (…) DL3 is on the way. I’m very excitedaout it. It’s really starting to take shape but I’m still working on it. Maybe something will come out next year, but I’m saying maybe with caution,” Dua Lipa confessed.

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